PM0.3H: Low in price & size, but high in performance and position-ability!

The new PM0.3H Range

Low in price & size, but high in performance and position-ability!

Fostex PM0.3H

The latest model of the reputed Fostex PM-series delivers Hi-Resolution Audio reproduction up to 40kHz by an improved D-class amplifier, circuitry to match and a smooth sounding soft dome tweeter.

Using the combination of a dedicated 3”-inch low frequency driver and a 3/4"-inch high frequency soft dome tweeter together with the built-in D-class power amplifier, the PM0.3H delivers unparalleled audio performance in this class; 110 Hz – 40kHz (+-3dB).

The sum of all this together delivers a neutral sound and throws a wide and deep sound stage, utterly amazing for a speaker with such a small footprint.

In saying this, their small compact size (100mm (W) x 185mm (H) x 130mm (D) excluding protrusions) is ideal for space-limited desktop home studio applications, PC Audio, Gaming, and mobile devices.

Fostex PM0.3H Rear view of Master Speaker


No, I am not talking real-estate (as in where you live); but I’m talking about the available real-estate/space and positioning on your desk (almost always limited). As a (DAW), digital audio workstation, their design and size is optimised as a monitor loudspeaker as opposed to larger speakers that need to be positioned further back and turned up louder to get that so called “ideal volume level” to monitor.

To simplify this application further, a Master/Sub-master design allows for only one speaker to require a dedicated power input.

Fostex PM0.3H Rear view for slave speaker

Rounding off is its solid built wooden enclosure, and a rear bass reflex system that delivers a durable construction. Not to mention its high-quality matt finish front baffle.

So, if you after a small and compact monitor speaker that can deliver a neutral sound along with a wide and deep sound stage, look no further!

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