Kanspi DIY Speaker Kit 9 - 2way System 20mm Tweeters & 8cm Woofers

The PT20K is a 20mm soft dome tweeter that reproduces frequencies from 3kHz-32kHz with low distortion, delivering a clear sound quality.

The PW80K is a 8cm 8Ω woofer that uses a wood pulp cone with a urethane foam edge. The combination of the two materials and overall design of the woofer work together to deliver good bass characteristics for a small 8cm woofer.

P2080E, made from both t9* (*top, bottom & sides) and t12 (for baffle), particle board, with an internal volume of 5.3L (1st cabinet 3.2L / 2nd cabinet 2.1L) the double bass reflex cabinet delivers a powerful bass reproduction that exceeds its size. It has a built-in network and is easy to assemble. You can experience a high-quality 2-way system simply by connecting the speaker unit terminals and internal wiring and attaching the speaker unit with the included screws.