Fostex Article no: FOT90ASE



The T90A-SE is a high-performance horn super tweeter based on the T90A with further sound quality improvements. This tweeter product uses ring-shaped aluminum alloy diaphragm and low-distortion alnico internal magnetic circuit. It offers high-frequency characteristics that extend beyond the audible band and excellent transients. The horn and equalizer made of non-magnetic stainless steel add clear and penetrating musical expression. It also supports various speaker systems, including high-efficiency back-loaded horn speakers.

Ring-shaped aluminum alloy diaphragm
It uses an ultra-lightweight diaphragm made of hard aluminum alloy molded into a ring shape. It offers excellent transients and emits a penetrating sound.

Low distortion alnico internal magnetic circuit
Using alnico magnets, it has a high magnetic flux density despite its small size. Copper plating is applied to the pole piece surface to reduce the current distortion and achieve high sound quality.

Non-magnetic stainless steel cylindrical horn and equalizer
Compared to the aluminum material used in T90A, the stainless steel has a specific gravity about 3 times larger and the hardness is about 27.5 times higher, which improves the clarity and gives a beautiful sound.

Gold-plated terminal for banana plugs and copper / silver alloy wire
A gold-plated terminal compatible with banana plugs is used for the input terminal. For the internal wiring, Φ1.4 mm very thick copper / silver alloy single wire is used to improve the sound quality.

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