Fostex Article no: FOPT20K



PT20K is the recommendable tweeter for beginners of. 2-way system building.

* PT20K is the recommendable tweeter for beginners of
2-way system building.

* Combination with the sensitivity matched woofer
PW80K, 2-way system is easy of assembling without
tweeter level attenuation.

* UFLC soft dome diaphragm is light weight and has
the high internal loss. Its extended high frequence
characteristics realizes the flat response of music

* Low distortion ferrite magnet circuit is employed. The
cupper cap equipped magnetic circuit reduces the
harmonic distortion and brings the clear sound.

* The magnetic fluid filled gap centers and controls
voice coil excursion. It makes crossover setting in low
frequency and offers wide woofer selection. Input
durability is also enchanced.

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