Fostex Article no: FOP800K



80mm (3 in) 8Ω full range driver with a banana pulp compounded light weight cone.

A light-weight cone paper and a high-loss rubber edge realise a bright and clear mid-to-high range and reasonably damped low range reproduction. You can enjoy an excellent stereo image and sound field achieved by a small-diameter speaker unit.

Banana pulp blended light-weight cone paper / High-loss foamed rubber edge

Blending a banana pulp with two wooden pulps holding different physicality realizes a sufficient stiffness and high-loss. A high-loss foamed edge with an up-roll shape is employed.

“Mechanical” 2-way centre cap

The same material as the cone paper is employed on the centre cap for improving the sound unification. A mechanical 2-way structure which directly connects the centre cap with the voice coil bobbin extends a high range sound reproduction further.

Faston 205 terminal

A Faston 205 type is used for the speaker input terminal.

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