Fostex FE206NV (Discontinued - Available Whilst Stock Lasts)

Fostex Article no: FOFE206NV



The FE206NV is a speaker unit developed as a successor to FE206En.

The FE-NV Series. New cone paper is based on vigorously beaten kenaf fiber. Mixing long and short fibers of non-wood pulp maintains appropriate internal loss and stiffness. By mixing chemical fiber and mineral ore as secondary material, it improves propagation speed and rigidity.

The metallic eyelets used to be added to the diaphragm result in uneven weight balance, causing unequal split resonance in addition to the annular vibration mode possessed by the cone-shaped diaphragm, which causes distortion in the midrange. By eliminating the metallic eyelets, new FE-NV series offer reduced harmonic distortion in the midrange.

The pocket neck spider developed in the FF-WK series has been adopted to continue the three-point bonding of the voice coil and the damper and cone paper on the same circumference. The shape and material of the dampers have been reviewed for more linear amplitude characteristic than the current FE-En series.

A low-loss gold-plated terminal with Faston 205 type connector has been adopted.

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