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Fostex Article no: FOBK85WB2

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BK-WB2 series:

The BK-WB2 series is a bass reflex type speaker box that allows you to easily enjoy the charm of full-range speakers.
In order to easily enjoy the full-range speaker with high sound quality, the terminal, internal wiring cord, sound absorbing material, etc. have been incorporated and the sound quality has been adjusted.

You can enjoy high-quality sound by simply connecting the internal wiring cord to the speaker unit terminal and attaching the speaker unit with the attached screws.

BK85WB2 - Enclosure Design:
A bass reflex type speaker box that allows you to enjoy high-quality sound with simple work, which is the appeal of full-range speakers such as the FF85WK.

Compatible Fostex Speakers:   FF85WK (recommended), FE83NV


Enclosure type: Bass reflex type
Measurements: 126(W) x 243(H) x 180(D) mm 
Interior volume 5.6L 
Frequency band: 92Hz
Material: MDF t15 / 9 (baffle / top and bottom sides, back plate)
Net weight: 1.5kg


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