Fostex R100T2 Transformer Type Attenuator - MONO

Fostex Article no: FOR100T2



Fostex R100T2 Transformer Type Attenuator

Very clean 100 watt transformer-type attenuator from Fostex. Ideal for use with Fostex tweeters and super-tweeters to control the output without use of fixed resistors and no degradation to signal. For those changing tweeter level regularly this is the most optimal passive solution.

The transformer attenuator addresses the challenge of attenuation by using a transformer rather than a resistor to decrease voltage. A transformer can take a high-voltage, low-current signal and convert it into a low-voltage high-current signal of the same energy with minimal loss.

Mono (not stereo)
Attenuation 0 to 21 db (1 db step)
Input 100 watts (Music)
Flange 96mm x 96mm
Depth 166mm
1.17 kg
Includes screws, gasket and rubber bumber to level R100T for external use
Made in Japan

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