Fostex FE103A Foster 70th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Foster 70th Anniversary limited edition Full Range Speaker Units (Pair) FE103A is a speaker unit in a wooden presentation box designed and manufactured to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Foster Electric.

This is a special product that uses unique technology while preserving the style of yesteryear Corn paper is made of 2 layers of thin and flexible ES cones with high density material for improved rigidity and internal loss.

The main layer of long fiber pulp is made of a thick structure that combines high rigidity and internal loss, and the outer layer is formulated with a short fiber pulp to increase the rate of propagation of the diaphragm surface.

This allows you to play high and shed treble and thick bass while still maintaining the bright and tense tone of the mid-range The weight of the eyelet is added to the diaphragm, which makes the weight balance unevenly, and the irregular division resonance is not only caused by circular vibration modes of cone-shaped diaphragm, and the effect of distortion in the midrange, so the eyeletless of the midrange The pocket-neck damper method is used to achieve 3-point adhesive that bonds voice coil, damper and corn paper in the same circumference while achieving the above-mentioned grommetless properties.

In addition, the magnet uses an Arnico magnet, and the copper cap is placed on the pole piece within the magnetic circuit, reducing current distortion, improving the clarity of the mid-high range through low distortion of the driving system Power terminals adopt fast 205 type low-loss gold-plated terminals. In addition to the secure connection of speaker cables, it also prevents sound degradation

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