Fostex Article no: FOPMSUBmini2



Active Sub-woofer 5"

PM-SUBmini is an active sub-woofer that allows you to enjoy a high-quality music environment in combination with Fostex active speaker systems such as the PM0.3.

In Detail

13 cm (5 inch) size woofer unit powered by a high-power amplifier (rated output: 50 W)
Volume controller, cross over frequency adjuster (60 Hz to 150 Hz) and phase changer for tuning according to your environment
Stand-by function to reduce unnecessary power consumption (ON/OFF)
Rigid and supple fiberglass diaphragm in the woofer unit
Sealed type speaker to reproduce music sources faithfully and to reduce incidental sound
Space-saving compact design


Speaker type: Sealed type
Impedance: Woofer: 4 Ω
Amplifier maximum output: Woofer: 50 W
Input: RCA pin jack × 1
Maximum input level: +15 dBV Input impedance: 10 kΩ
Crossover adjustment range: 60 Hz to 150 Hz
Frequency response: 40 Hz to 150 Hz
S/N ratio: 80 dB
External dimensions (mm): 200 (W) × 185 (H) × 233 (D)
Weight: about 3.6 kg
Power consumption: During normal use: about 15 W During standby mode: 0.5 W or less


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