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Series: FW Series

• 160mm (6.5 in) 8Ω, HR cone.
• Die-cast frame.
• ø145mm large ferrite magnet and 8mm top plate are employed. Besides, the copper cap is adapted onto the pole piece to reduce
the magnetostriction.
• HR shape cone diaphragm is employed to realize the weight saving and stiffness property.
• The state-of-the-art hybrid material is offered to the diaphragm. Its ideal internal loss and stiffness bring the propagation velocity similar to the near-metal diaphragm.
• UDR tangential surround & spider are equipped to realize the less anti-resonance and superior amplitude characteristic.
• The foamed rubber is chosen for the surround material. It has the lower density, lighter weight and higher internal loss characteristic than the conventional rubber and the foamed rubber surround has the low young’s modulus and less eigentone.


Fostex FW168HR Data Sheet

Fostex FW168HR is a full range speaker where 145mm large ferrite magnet and 8mm top plate are employed.

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Fostex Speaker Components Brochure

Fostex speaker components full range.

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