PM0.3dH & PMSUBmini2 PACK

Get a $299 PMSUBmini2 for only $50!*

This is a great opportunity to score a PMSUBmini2 for only $50 and save $249 when you purchase a pair of PM0.3 active near field monitors retailing at $299 together with a PMSUBmini2 subwoofer that retails for $299*. A saving of $249.00!

As a (DAW), digital audio workstation, the PM0.3dH design and size is optimised as a monitor loudspeaker as opposed to larger speakers that need to be positioned further back and turned up louder to get that so called “ideal volume level” to monitor. To simplify this application further, a Master/Sub-master design allows for only one speaker to require a dedicated power input.

Rounding off the package is the addition of the PMSUBmini2 subwoofer, the 13cm (5 inch) size woofer unit is powered by a high-power amplifier (rated output: 50 W). With a volume controller, cross over frequency adjuster (60 Hz to 150 Hz) and phase changer for tuning according to your environment, your in further control. Please note that as the subwoofer is a stand alone product an additional connecting cable depending on the audio source and location will be required.