Fostex Pick A Pack promotion!

Time to get your Monitoring game on with the PM0 Pick A Pack promotion!

Three different Fostex Monitoring packs to choose from.

Plus Free Delivery!!

Pack 1. PM0.3dH & PMSUBmini2PM0.3dH & PMSUBmini2
SAVE $249
The PM0.3dH and PMSUBmini2 is the ideal DAW (Digital Audio Work Station), the small footprint PM0.3 speakers take up minimal space on your desk, in addition with the SUBmini2 you get that bass boost you have been looking for! To find out more Click Here.

Pack 2. PM0.4cB & DT770PRO
PM0.4cB & DT770PRO
SAVE $189
The best of both worlds. With the PM0.4cB and the beyerdynamic DT770PRO headphones, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to monitoring. Both deliver an accurate sound reproduction and sound stage.
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Pack 3. PM0.5dB & DT770PRO
PM0.5dB & DT770PRO
SAVE $289.00
FREE beyerdynamic DT770PRO headphones valued at $289.00
The flagship of the PM0 monitor range is the PM0.5dB. Running a dedicated amplifier per monitor, the PM0.5 delivers impressive sound reproduction, combining a powerful sound, deep sound stage and detailed mid to high frequency reproduction. Completing the offer is the FREE DT770PRO. 
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